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The right B2B marketing strategy engages customers at every step in their buying cycle — from awareness to post-purchase support — so they not only buy from you, but become loyal brand advocates.

K-DigiBiz helps you create compelling content that gets found in search engines, and inspire your audience to become lifelong customers. We power your brand with strategic marketing that gets noticed by your prospects.

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How to drive more sales with B2B marketing

Be found:

Get noticed by customers looking for your products or services online.

Build trust:

Engage with them through content that educates, entertains and inspires.

Increase leads:

Maximize lead generation with action-oriented content and an optimized online experience.

K-DigiBiz - Digital Marketing

We help your business grow online.

Content Marketing & SEO

Create content that converts.

When prospects search for your product or service online, will they find your company? Content marketing and SEO are proven ways to attract more business, and we work with you to create meaningful content that turns more prospects into loyal customers.


SEO & Content Audit

Keyphrase Research

On-Page & Off-Page Optimization

Content & Visual Assets

Digital Campaigns

Find new ways to engage your customers.

Reach your most valuable customers where and when it counts. Whether through social, email or SEM campaigns, we help you target your customers at the right time, and on the right platform, to help you maximize your marketing spend.


Social Media Marketing

Email Marketing

Search Engine Marketing

Campaign Analytics

Reporting & Optimization

Use data to drive growth.

We use data to inform all marketing decision making, so nothing is left to chance. If something doesn’t go according to plan, we fix it. And we teach you how to do the same.


  • Stakeholder Reviews

  • Google Analytics Reporting

  • SEO & SEM Reporting

  • Campaign Analytics

Whats New?

Easy ways to increase online sales

  1. Increase your Social Media Presence to attract new customers.

Create eye-catching videos / visuals to build your audience who can be your future prospects. Observe popular social media trends and create visuals or videos with your stand on the issue. This will get your profile in front of a ton of users who never knew about your business before and could even help your posts go viral.

Keep your social media posts captivating and original. Instead of sharing old stock photos grab your user attention through interesting videos and high-quality behind-the-scenes photos.

  1. Try Social Media Paid Advertising - Reach Target Audiences

All social media platforms offer options to promote your content through sponsored posts, and video ads. Select any social media to ensure higher visibility for your brand among a relevant target audience.

Social media advertising is another easy and effective method to reach your target audience and improve your online sales. Choose your social media paid campaigns judiciously, pay only for things that matters most to your business, whether that's calls to your business phone number/leads, clicks to your landing page, app installs, followers, or actual video views. You may also customize your ads by displaying products that a user has recently viewed on your website. This will remind them about the products, and influence them to go through with a purchase.

  1. Social Media Marketing - Use Customer Content to build trust.

User experience is one the key factors that drives online sales. Sharing user feedback, pictures and testimonials is a good way to showcase your brand and instils trust in your prospects. Before buying anything online we read user experiences to check if the product or service is reliable and only when we are sure of it we click on the buy button.

Use your social media pages to share user generated content to influence new buyers. Customers who post pictures using your product and recommending it online will influence their friends and family who can be your potential clients.

  1. Establish a personal connect with your customers on Facebook, Instagram, and other social media platforms.

Connect directly with your customers on social media platforms or through emails. One sure way to do this is to reply to your customer posts or comments. Give exciting offers to existing customers, they are more likely to return back for more business.

Social Media allows for a personal connection. If you have any bad reviews ensure you reach out to such customers to check how you can fix their problem offer to replace or refund incase you are not able to fix the issue. Giving freebees to dis-satisfied customers will reduce the negative feeling for your brand and can convert them to prospective customer in future.

  1. Optimize your website to be mobile friendly.

Once you have grabbed attention from your prospect through the above strategies, it is vital to ensure you can convert them to buyers. For this you will need to work on your website which is mobile friendly easy to navigate and loads quickly. As most of mobile buyers do not have time to it is good to iron out any unnecessary distractions like loading scripts/pop-ups/forms. Make the buying process simple resist your checkout process to remove any bottle necks. Allow visitors to come back to their carts later, as costumers would like to see all available options before they decide to make a purchase.

B2B Marketing Strategy

Lay the foundation with the right marketing strategy.


It starts with focus. What are your goals? Who are your customers, and where are they in their B2B journey?

We ask, then draw a plan to move your audience to action.


      • Marketing Audit

      • User Personas

      • Key Performance Indicators

      • Marketing Roadmap